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How can I strengthen my Rose Quartz?

I know there’s cleansing it, and putting it under your pillow at night.
What else is there?
Any experience with power from this stone?


  1. Hi Mila,
    As you say, cleansing it regularly works well. You can also increase the energy by working with clear quartz whenever you work with the rose quartz. Programme the clear quartz to act as a magnifier of energy.
    I do a layout with the rose quartz, which is nice, very peaceful and relaxing.
    I hope this helps. I wish you a beautiful future. Any other questions feel free to ask me. 🙂

  2. The other answers above mine are extremely well written and very good ideas of recharging.
    One other idea that has worked for me was meditating over my crystals. Meditate and litteraly “think” more energy into your crystal.

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