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How can I strengthen my ability to sense ghosts?

ok so I can sort of see ghosts somtimes, but all i see usually is a white aura. How can I start seeing the colors of the aura better and how do I strengthen my ability to see/contact spirits? They use to come a lot in my dreams and tell me stuff but then they just stopped coming. Any reason for this?


  1. The older you get sometimes abilities can be lost. I doubt if you will have these problems. Get to know you more, meditate and what not. Also there are many books out there that could help you get in touch with this. But i would do research on the subject so that you go into each experience informed. Find other psychics in your area to talk with. And make sure to preform protection ceremonies before you open yourself up to experiences. Just make sure to be safe.

  2. You should see a medical doctor. It’s not normal to see images that are not actually present. You could be having migraine headache (auras are common) without the usual symptoms of pain. There are numerous ailments that could be causing your condition. Good luck and I hope you seek treatment.

  3. I know of no way you can do this. It is an ability that you have or don’t have and I have found no way to strengthen or reduce it. How receptive I am depends on my mental state, and I can not change it at will. I admire your ability to see spirits, all I have ever seen is a shadow on the wall. I have lived in three places that have spirits, and have communicated extensive with one. I would like to share experiences with you. Email me please.

  4. ok so im not new to this subject and i want to share all of my experiences my family for generations have always “seen” ghost when i was younger i had an experience that changed my whole out look on ghost i do not believe in ghost there are only angels and demons i know you have heard the unfinished business of the dead keeps them here from who ? there is only heaven or hell or so i believe there is no in between when your dead you go to either place , back to my experience so i thought that iwas communicating with a ghost turns out it wasnt a ghos it had lied to me about the house sayin that she was murdered in this particular place in the house turns out that place was just added on not but a year!! then she got angry and threatened to hurt me only which demons can do then my moms buisness partner started reading bible verses and i blacked out and then seen patches of white light .. so after that i believe what we see are only demons partrayin to be the resently passed …. some people possess certain gifts from God (yes i am a christian) but no more than one the devil can trick your mind into believing you have numerous amount of gifts yes it might sound insane to someone who has a different believe but im just throwin my opinion in so if indeed you have the ability to sense angels and demons and its a true gift fom God then it will get stronger as your faith grows . hope i can help and if you have more questions feel free to comment or ask . sorry if anyone was offended

  5. since seeing ghosts is connected with the element of Spirit, you cant strengthen it, you have to live with the level of ability with the element of Spirit you were born at.

  6. one you must meditate with a white candle until you contact your spirit eventually it will be easier to open up to the other side πŸ™‚ one reason they stoped coming to you could be that you unwittingly shut yourself down πŸ™‚ hope this helps i envy you i would love to have your ability πŸ™‚ im tring to meditate to become a medium cus i wasnt born with it πŸ™ and the whole thing with the auras if you can see then in the living then you are meant to be a healer πŸ™‚ email me to let me know how you got on πŸ™‚


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