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How can i stop being so self consciousness?

i have trouble keeping relationships with people and i always have a fear that no one likes me and also im a lesbian and pretty much all the girls at my school say i stare at there chests and that im freak! help someone and im not sure what the question really is but i just need some advice:(


  1. If you’re too overwhelmed with being self conscious, close your eyes for the moment and imagine yourself as the only person in the world. Try to erase all thoughts and fears about what other ppl think of you and think about something that makes you happy. When you open your eyes again you will feel refreshed and won’t be afraid of many things anymore.

  2. You’re not “self-conscious”, your embarrassed. You inner consider.
    Achieving Self Consciousness is why people join monasterys. Why people seek out a teacher. If a person is not involved in achieving SELF CONSCIOUSNESS, they are satisfied being a robot.
    And maybe you are a lesbian. So what? There’s nothing wrong with a woman liking women more than men.
    The converse is not true, by the way. There is something VERY wrong with male homosexuality. It’s the nadir of depravity.


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