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How can I stop a negative energy source?

I’m currently residing at a friend’s house until I can move into my new apartment this approaching week. However, there this friend has others who live with him to help pay rent. Didn’t seem like a big problem to me when I visited. However, now there is a man here who has used magick and the arts in order to gain revenge upon his ex-wife. Suffice to say, he fucking OOZES negative energies like a leaky faucet. It’s tearing his body apart as I can tell and he leaves a residue wherever he has been.
What can I do to get rid of this spiritual taint?


  1. Open windows first of all. If you can’t do that throughout, at least do it where you are staying. If you have a source to get minerals and stones in their natural state, get a piece of selenite and carry a piece of obsidian. These two will take on the worst of the negativity right away. Selenite never has to be cleansed and it sucks up negative energy all the time. Any kind of obsidian will keep negative energy away from the person it is around. I use black for the strongest response. If you can even get a piece of polished obsidian and keep it in your pocket, it’ll help. You can also position pieces of it near any doors and windows around your living space. Light a candle in your area, play music that you like (but nothing that reflects any kind of aggression or violence). The music doesn’t have to be a specific kind other than the avoidance of the type that would feed his anger. Some people will not believe any of this works but it really does. I’ve been in extremely difficult environments and these are basics I apply all the time. Within all of this, make sure you state either out loud to yourself or internally, that the energy he gives off belongs to him and is absolutely not allowed to get inside of you. Visualize yourself surrounded by mirrors. This is a common form of spiritual protection. It forces all negative energy he (or anyone else) emits to be automatically reflected back on themselves.
    And by the way, you can’t ‘stop’ his negative energy. It’s about handling it.


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