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How can I stimulate my pituitary gland.?

I want to stimulate my pituitary gland. I am 18 (19 in 3 months) and Im only about 5’10/5’11. Also, my facial hair has not yet come in full, and is still kind of shaggy. My twin brother is 2 inches taller and has a lot more hair on his face then I do, so I assume that there must be a lack of activity of my pituitary gland. I went to the doctor a few months a go and I was told my hormone levels were nothing to be concerned about and that I was in tanner stage 4 (w/e that means). I figure if I can naturally stimulate my pituitary gland, I may still grow taller and grow more facial hair.


  1. hit the back of your neck to get it flowin im serious its sound weird but its true my dad did it to my brother as a joke and hes 6’2 🙂

  2. Tanner stage 4 means that you’re still growing (see sources – that link puts approximate ages to the stages, but be aware that they’re only estimates, and could be off by as much as a couple years). I’m afraid there’s absolutely nothing you can do to reliably stimulate your pituitary. Any OTC product that claims to do so would be an expensive waste of money and possibly dangerous to your health. It is not unusual for twins to have slight physical differences, even if they’re identical twins. Sorry to say, you’re perfectly normal. Why mess with a good thing?
    If anecdotal evidence will comfort you, you might be interested in knowing that a lot of guys I know had a small but noticeable growth spurt of 1 inch or so around age 19-20, and a lot of them didn’t have their full beard growth until a couple years after that. Everyone’s different.

  3. Stick a BB round pellet, or corn kernel under your big toes (center). Or wear does slippers or insoles with reflex points.
    It may take a while, but it has no side effects(just imagine what you could benefit from it, blood circulation etc.)


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