Home Discussion Forum How can I start to see peoples aura 🙂 ?

How can I start to see peoples aura 🙂 ?

Is it true that some people can see other peoples aura. Can you see aura, if yes how can we start to see it.


  1. the problem is that people who “can see” auras are lying to you. Lots of these alternative types are so full of sh*t that their eyes are brown in color. They make up all manner of nonsense about pyramids and Mayan Indians and auras and energies.
    But if you’re about halfway honest, you will quickly find that you really can’t see auras – and neither can anybody else.

  2. There are a lot of different ways to see an aura. One way that is simple enough is to have someone stand in front of a blank white wall. You will then either stare at their forehead or beside their head at the wall. You should then start seeing their aura. This website offers another way to see it: http://www.worldtrans.org/spir/aura.html
    ALSO: Keep in mind that while certain people are born with “gifts” (natural ability at a given subject), everyone still has the capability to do these things. Just practice and do no harm.

  3. i don’t think it’s something you can “start”. there are indeed a few people who can do it, but most of them are liars. so either you are born with the gift or not. you can try the thing with the blank wall, but that’s more of an illusion 🙂

  4. You can see it through Reiki. Its easily seen when your eyes are shut and your hand is a few centimeters away from their head or chest.

  5. Yes, auras do exist. And yes, there are people who lie about the ability. Seeing auras is an ability everybody is born with, in fact. Most young children keep it till the age of 5, when they go to school, and learn to use their eyes differently, they slowly loose the ability. Few actually retain the ability.
    Training, the simplest way to start is to put your hand against a piece of white paper, or against a white wall. Look at the tips of your fingers and let your eyes fall out of focus a bit; you should be able to see a light blue or white mist, or a very clear light. Experiment with lighting, most do good with limited light from the sun or a candle. Personally, I see auras best in almost pitch-black to complete pitch darkness. It all depends on the person.
    Also, you may want to try to strengthen your eye sight, and limit prolonged exposure to artificial light, such as computers and T.V’s. It’s not detremental to your aura sight/eyes (I can sit in front of computers for 12 hours straight, and it doesn’t make it too much harder for me to read auras) but I have seen it damage my best friend’s aura sight.
    I hope this info was helpful to you 🙂

  6. Everyone can see auras 😀
    Get someone to stand against a white or cream-coloured wall. It’s much easier when there is nothing on the wall behind them (If you don’t want to get someone to do that for you, a teacher standing in front of a white board or a stranger waiting around at a public place works well too). It’s best if they’re moving a little, so you know that it’s not just because you’ve been staring for too long.
    Concentrate just beside their head (I prefer looking between the shoulder and the jaw). If you’re relaxed and you look long enough, you should be able to see some sort of outline or blur around them. Usually you can’t see colours straight away, but if you practice enough you eventually will (Unless you’re one of those special people that feel or just sense colours instead of seeing them).

  7. There’s loads of guides out there, but the best hints I’ve had are to have a plain background, and practice looking at your own before trying to see someone else’s. It’s like a way of focusing. Look past your hand, or whatever is in front of the plain background, and try to focus at the same distance as your hand. Ty to not stare, it’s more like gazing. I sort of look at the same distance, but past, and let my eyes relax while keeping half focused on the right distance. Eventually I’ll see a colour. At first you probably own’t see colour. You’ll probably see it as something like heat haze at first.With a bit of practice you should start to see colours. I hope I helped 🙂

  8. Seeing auras usually is gift and comes through heredity. Some are able to see them through hard work, study and dedication but most loose interest after a short time. There is no magic pill you can take nor magic elixir for you to drink which will make you see them. Seeing auras is like being wealthy, you either are born with it or you work hard to get it and there is no two ways about it.


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