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How can i start practicing yoga?

i m totally drowned in the sea of sadness.I lost my love, lost my self-confidence. Now i think my life is a burden for all. i want to recover fast from this mental agony. please help. i dont know even the abc of yoga. will yoga help me heal my wounds? please tell me how to start? i m in deep trouble now. please help.


  1. look up yoga on youtube and just do what those people do. i would do it 5 times a week since its not such a hard workout. its suppose to relax you and make you more flexable and energized.

  2. Hey! Thats great that you are actually -trying- help yourself. Its the first step. I used to do yoga and it helpes with relaxation and concentration, but it did little for my physical health, which is why I picked up jogging. I started by watching this daily yoga program on TV. Try looking for one. If not, buy a yoga DVD. Pilates is okay, but yoga is best imo. DOnt buy those DVDs with happy bouncy woman who shout at you. Look for one of a person who looks experienced and knows what they are talking about. Also, consider in going to the nearest book store (borders?) and read up on some yoga. Buy a book if you want!
    After all this, you can try even MORE to better help yourself. Eating healthy, regular exercise, etc.
    Good luck, and DO NOT give up!

  3. Dear lord, the first few responses there must of not read your post at all.
    First and foremost, I’m very sorry to what’s happened to you. I’ve been there [drowning in sadness, maybe depression] and truthfully, I can tell you what I did and what advice helped me through it. I can’t say you will recover quick, because I don’t know what you’ve been through, and I don’t know how long it will take to heal. But if you do these, I can guarantee you WILL heal, just how long it will take … I don’t know.
    First off, about Yoga. Yoga might help you gain a piece of mind. It’s about meditation, maintaining a calm, and about sustaining a certain peace of mind. I don’t know if it might work for you, but if you rigorously do it it will work.
    I highly suggest a teacher, because when you are in the presence of a GOOD yoga teacher, they are tremendously calming and helpful. My mother passed away a year ago and I took a yoga class to force myself into a calmness. It was TOO difficult to do on my own, and even in the class I resisted him — but eventually, I learned how to calm myself and now to meditate… be able to get myself away from those negative feelings, or neutralize them with logical, detached thought. Meditation takes a great deal of practicing – you will, for months, have a racing mind of everything you’re thinking of. LET THIS HAPPEN. Let your mind cleanse itself with all of thoughts. Do not resist them, do not lock them away… in meditation it helps you organize your thoughts, and eventually, when you feel its organized… it will be a clear blank, like a calm sea.
    If you can’t find classes, I suggest youtube movies. I don’t know what teacher would make you most comfortable, so I won’t do the search for you. But looking for yoga movies would be your first step – WATCH how they are. Once you understand the culture of yoga, then get yourself a book to extend your knowledge of certain positions.
    On other notes… on how to make yourself feel better: give yourself a make over, get a hair cut, go out and get yourself a nice cute outfit, treat yourself, go out with friends, whatever you do… DON’T STOP MOVING. I was told, when my boyfriend broke up with me the day of the funeral (he thought I was selfish asking him to come), this: “When in hell, don’t stop moving.” And I didn’t. I got all of that negative energy out by doing good things for others, going out with friends, improving MYSELF (working out, learning new hairstyles, doing my nails, you name it I did it) until the months went by… and not only was I able to heal, but I really truly improved myself… and eventually found someone else who loved me.
    I hope that helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

  4. Get out of the house, take good long walks even in cold weather. Go to parks with your friends, go to nice cafe’s and such. Restore your happiness!
    Also it’s nice to have a proper yoga teacher, someone that you can trust will do you good! You may even become really good friends with her!
    Good luck! =]

  5. Preparing for a yoga practice is essential as this will enable you to receive all the Health Benefits of the poses, breathing, and meditations. The greatest advantage of yoga is that it can be practiced almost anywhere by people of all ages.
    We recommend that you wear comfortable, loose, and stretchable clothing as this will allow the freest movement of the body. To give you the most stability and a greater connection in poses, practices should be done barefoot. Practicing yoga on a relatively empty stomach or about one to two hours after a full meal is essential. Doing poses and breath work right after eating or drinking can place stress on the digestive system. Also, Create a Yoga Space that is free of distractions and is mentally soothing.
    You can practice yoga anytime, but the most ideal time to practice is first thing in the morning. The poses and breath work will revitalize the mind and body and prepare you for the day ahead. Always begin with easier poses to warm and condition your body and, then, gradually progress towards more energizing poses. Avoid any feelings of strain, discomfort, or excess fatigue. Practice with the intention of quality and control rather than quantity and struggle. Allow yourself time to relax or modify poses, if needed. All aspects of a yoga practice are equally important, so take time to enjoy the entire practice including the meditations and relaxations. The length of a yoga session is not important, but devote some amount of time for yoga every day.

  6. Yogs is very simple and definetly help you come out of your sea of sadness and energise you, it can be even in first 10 minutes that you feel relax whatever the case may. Yoga has helped cure cancers leave alone anything else. however to start try this website which is relaxing yoga for beginners. http://www.relaxingyogaforbeginners.com
    I hope above helps, i have been through your situation and know how it feels, i am sure this resource will help you.

  7. Be positive! Yes you can start yoga. At home in your own privacy, or in a yoga class if you want that.. I have a free yoga e-course for you, with many yogic asanas and their physiological benefits, as well as breathing techniques, you’ll need to learn it for your practice. Go here:

  8. After 7 surgeries I started doing yoga and meditation. I now have control of my health as long as I remember to meditate or do some yoga. Even if it is taking 10 minutes twice a day, that’s all I need. Yoga and meditation can be done by anybody pretty much anywhere, if I can do it anyone can..


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