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how can i start a tarot card reading business on line or from home?


  1. This is the best way I have ever come across.
    I have tried many…….many…..at home business opportunities over the years.
    Stuffing envelopes, data entry, surveys, network marketing, gifting……..I am embarrassed by all the different ones I have tried. And I must tell you, they were all SCAMS !!!
    But recently, I came across the best opportunity I have ever seen. I don’t say that lightly. I came across it while looking at stock recommendations at my favorite site.
    Go to : low-cost-stock-recommendations
    Click on the “About This Site” Button at the bottom of the Navigation Bar.
    This is not my site. This is where I came across the product. I am so thankful I did.
    I now do something I absolutely enjoy from my home. Work is not work anymore.
    The product I purchased to help me start my home business is used in several Universities across the USA to teach students how to start home businesses. It is top notch.
    The company offers information so thorough that anyone can do it. The support is fantastic. It is inexpensive. You get so much for so little.
    I have done it, and I am so thankful I came across this opportunity. I will NEVER send in money to one of those scams again. LOL They have got enough of my cash.
    Good Luck and give it a look

  2. If you want to do it quickly and inexpensively get a web conference setup (microphone, webcam,speakers – use Yahoo Messanger to do this…its free) and a site (yahoo has some good hosting packages and a site builder program.
    Also, get some knowledge on business operations (instead of a course,try a comprehensive business development workshop like Build A Business Workshop at http://www.buildabusinessworkshop)

  3. Hello Dawn
    On line, you will need a site & to promote it.
    Ebay is a good way of starting on line.
    Or you can buy a glossy spiritual magazine as they have job offers in them for phone & text workers.
    From home – you need word of mouth to get you going, if its face to face that you wish.
    join ~ Practice Tarot. Psychic Development.
    Clairvoyancy. Hypnotherapy. Meditation.
    All Like Minded Folk Welcome


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