Home Discussion Forum how can i start a sms clairvoyant business?

how can i start a sms clairvoyant business?


  1. A clairvoyant business? First, if you are an honest businessman, then you need a real clairvoyant. That’s where your problems start.

  2. get a website, advertise on the internet, do some free mini readings to promote your business in chatrooms and get some clairvoyants to do the readings.
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  3. First reach into your chest and rip out your soul. If you have one you cannot force yourself to take advantage of people like that. Once you’ve done that it’s a simple matter of making random people pay for you to make obvious generalities and guesses about them. Then you can make stupid faces and pretend to talk to the dead! Some people are into that!!

  4. Work on your powers of suggestion and persuation. Study the successful con men out there like John Edward and Sylvia Browne. They’ve made millions off the poor suckers.


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