How can I speed up the healing of a cut lip?

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I bit my lip whilst chewing gum and like an idiot I did this several times. Now my lip is terribly sore and it’s not healing. It’s making eating difficult, brushing my teeth is a nightmare and it hurts to smile or talk. So I need ways to try and speed up the healing process.

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Try some blistex or something.

Water Sprite

arnica cream


Blistex is really good. 🙂


It sounds like your jaw is in spasm. Massage your jaw near your ear.
Put polysporin on your lips. Maybe just have fluids for the next few days and stop chewing gum. See your dentist. Could be TMJ


take some salt water – put a few teaspoons of salt into a glass of warm water – the warm water makes it easier to take. And do you best to bathe you lip in it, or hold some in your mouth if it is the inside of your lip.


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