how can i separate the rubbish from the truth when studying magick and the occult and such?

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i find it very hard to do i almost feel cheated by the information i get half of the time and yet i keep trying searching for knowledge that is real and good. can you help?

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**Logic is Logical**

completely abandon magic….its not real

The Reverend Soleil

I’ll give you a hint — if it’s talking about “magic” or “magick” as if it were real, it’s rubbish…


none of it will save you so what value does it have? It is from satan….WORSHIP THE TRINITY AND repent.


It is difficult and time consuming to study the occult because of all of the weeding out of garbage. I would narrow down a specific tradition, then study the history of it. History can be researched and it’s easier to spot the falsifications. Once you start getting into the theological aspect you are going to have a more difficult time. The theological aspect is based on viewpoints and not absolute fact. You are simply going to have to figure out what YOU think about something in regards to different theological topics.


Approach everything with the desire to find a real, and natural explanation, that’s step 1. If you walk in looking for the supernatural, you will find it. Supernatural explanations are merely there to put in place when you cannot or will not find the natural explanation.
Also, if someone tells you that something only works if you believe in it, then that something is BS. Think about it: When you believe in it, you are closing your mind to any other possibility. So anything that happens that would normally contradict it, you will count in as its nature. In other words..
If a psychic can only be right about your future when you believe in it…and the psychic is somehow wrong, you will then also believe that the future the psychic gave you is in your control, and it changed because you knew it, not because the psychic was dead wrong.
You need to keep an open mind, a GENUINE open mind. Most people think “open mind” means you believe whatever nonsense some jerk tells you. It doesn’t. It means you approach any given situation with the desire to find the truth. You do not rule out any possibilities, especially natural ones. If someone says their house is haunted, you would first try to find the natural explanation for all of the things that are happening that lead them to believe in the haunting.
Start every investigation by looking for the natural cause of something. Assume first that nothing supernatural exists, and try to prove otherwise. If you go the other way around, you’ll become a gullible twit who buys into all of the nonsense the world has to offer.

Donut Tim

Searching for knowledge is good, keep going but stay with things that leave evidence.
There are many imaginary things that can make exciting and enjoyable fiction stories. Many people enjoy them and so do I.
Just remember, these are NOT REAL:
Dragons, time traveling, Cupid, reincarnation, werewolves, genies, zombies, telepathy, mermaids, vampires, lucky numbers, tooth fairies, homeopathic healing, magic (of any color), leprechauns, spontaneous human combustion, astrological influences, Vulcan death grip, clairvoyants, astral traveling, Superman, angels, charmed or lucky objects, unicorns, hexes, space aliens on Earth, light sabers, paranormal anything, dead people walking around, fountain of youth, telekinesis, spirit guides… or supernatural events of any kind.

Nurop Shnup

check out Dr. Carl Sagan’s book The Demon Haunted World.
He addresses similar issues.
I just found this site

Spirits On Crack

You would be better off studying psychology and learning how the mind works than to waste your time trying to figure out magick. Magick works on the mind, like a poor persons psychology. Until you figure out what it is and what it can do, you will be caught up in mysticism and all the garbage used to keep you in the dark. Better to learn how to use visualization accompanied by emotions and a feeling of what you want you already have. Start with, “The Secret” and work your way up from there using the Law of Attraction.


The best choice is what feels right to you. Many times practitioners of the occult will lavish a bit, not by any intention usually. When one deals with magick, they are often dealing with the Higher Planes, and so record things to memory a little differently. The best thing i can suggest, after fighting this skepticism myself, is to embrace skepticism. It will aid you in finding YOUR truths! If something sounds completely obsurd, take it with a grain of salt, unless it makes sense to you. The biggest thing you should do is READ READ READ! Possibly get some meditation books and begginer Wicca books as these will help in your intuition into what is real, fake, or lavished a bit. Do not forget love, that will be the key in most magicks!!!!!

The Bees Knees

Look for the similarities and read sourcebooks.
This book was really helpful also.


One person’s truth is another person’s rubbish. Meaning that you have to be the one to find the truth on your own and not allow yourself to be lead by the hand. Don’t force yourself into following a pagan path if it is not right for you either. Paganism is an umbrella term and there are a lot of different types available to follow. Also remember that writing something down in a book does not necessarily mean that it is truth either. So don’t rely solely on what you read in a book.
Instead follow your own gut instincts and come to your own truth about what spirituality and religion are. You may be surprised to find out that neither Paganism or Christianity may be right for you.


You can be safely assured that if your start with the works of Israel Regardie you will not feel cheated or disappointed. I highly recommend in the following order: The One Year Manual, The Middle Pillar, The Tree of Life, and A Garden of Pomegranates. Aleister Crowley is a bit too advanced for most but worth keeping on your shelf. If you are orientated towards the Wiccan Tradition and Witchcraft then I recommend Raven Grimassi, Gerald Gardener, and Doreen Valiente.
Magick is not simply psychology, it is actually the Science and Art of causing change in conformity to Will. Magick is too difficult for most, but if you persevere and commit yourself to only the highest attainment you will succeed.


First check out some traditions and look what makes most sense to you. I would check out the Golden Dawn, Thelema, Wicca, Franz Bardon´s system.
The classical Golden Dawn stuff (Israel Regardie; Chic Cicero and many others)
For Thelema you would have to look into Aleister Crowley´s stuff. As someone already said, he may be a bit difficult to read. One has to understand a bit about his system and the way he writes. A lot is intuition and that works best once you have some background in Magick since Thelema is based on the Golden Dawn rituals (in a way, not saying it is the same)
Wicca, well I am not the best to recommend stuff for this as I am not an expert. But the Wiccans recommend Gerald Gardner and as s site for information.
A good and fun read are the books of Lon Milo DuQuette. His is very helpful. He definitely knows ahwt he is writing about (Member of teh O.T.O /Thelemite)
Franz Bardon had his own system. You can find his stuff in the internet but I do not find the link right now.
Be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort…
I hope you find your path into teh Great Work
In L.V.X …


Congratulations on your discovery of
one of the more persistent conundrums
of Knowledge Acquisition in this categoy
of Human Endeavor.
Well, you’re going to have to have a
“friendly native guide”. And the only
way you can (kinda/sorta) get that
…that I’m aware of…is to “enlist” in
either the Hermetic Order of the Golden
Dawn (HOGD), or the Ordo Templi Orientis
(OTO), or the Aurum Solis. And this is
for Ceremonial Magick.
To find and obtain access to one “well
versed” in Witchcraft…you’re encouraged
to seek out and “enlist” in a Coven of
well established history. Probably one
of the Witch Churches est as 501(c)3
which has been recognized by the IRS
for some time now. Witches Voice
( might be a good
place to start on that topic.
As for folklore, you’d probably be best
served to contact the Liberal Arts Dept
at your local university and find out if
they’ve got a Folklore sub-dept…or
could refer you to a university that
does (for stuff on vampires, werewolves,
fairys, etc).
Good luck.

Sky Chumbly

The people who are discouraging you from your search for good occult information actually presuppose that one’s senses define reality. Just remember — these people do not even exist, and should be abandoned!


Well, since the occult is a HUGE and BROAD topic I’ll just list a couple of very good authors from some of the more popular strains of the occult that people tend to like. Read them, and then you’ll have a very good base of what’s good and what’s not.
Ceremonial Magic: Israel Regardie, Chic & Tabitha Cicero, Lon Milo Duquette, Don Michael Kraig (he’s a great place to get started), Aleister Crowley (but he can be difficult to understand, so I don’t recommend reading him FIRST, get familiar with the subject and then he’s fantastic), Dion Fortune, Franz Bardon (again, I don’t recommend him until you’re very familiar with the subject already, as he pretty much created his own system with it’s own language and it can be tricky if you’re a novice to the subject)
Wicca: Christopher Penczak, Phillys Currott, Janet and Stewart Farrar, Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, Gerald Gardner, Paul Huson
Esoteric/Mystical/Gnostic Christianity: Tau Malachi (start with “Living Gnosis” and then move on to his other books if you enjoy the material, and make sure to get on their forum if you do like the material as there is a huge amount of info on practices and further discussion there)
Hoodoo: start at the Lucky Mojo archives at , then order her book Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic


You may try to take a look at Franz Bardon’s “Initiation Into Hermitics”. The book has a very experiential approach in that it lists exercises which you can follow and find out if they work for you. There is minimum of “rituals” or any kind of dogma which you are asked to just take on faith. Rather, the first couple of exercises work by teaching self-introspection and meditation, which are important no matter which path you follow. Once you master them, the later exercises will hone your magickal and spiritual senses.


You might try:
I stumbled across this page a while back and found it sane, factual and informative.


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