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How can I send a message via Telepathy?


  1. Concentrate really hard on the person you want to communicate with. Say the message over and over for about 15-20 minutes. Then after you’re done sending the telepathic message, pick up the phone and ask them if they received your message.

  2. think really hard and just when you think your head is going to explode your message has been sent! go to the bathroom before you try this to clear out your body

  3. You can try by closing your eyes and envisioning their face and silently calling their name over and again.
    Although it doesn’t happen all of the time, I can sometimes get whomever I am trying to reach to call me. All it does is make them think about me, so they call.

  4. turn your ears to ch. 6…ok?…….set your brain waves at 41.6 brainics per second(bps)…….you still with me?……..hold on…..this is goin’ to take way too long to type…….I’ll send it with my telepathy

  5. Place one hand on the computer screen and the other hand on the temporal region of your head.
    concentrate until all you can see is gray fuzz in your mind. When you see the fuzz, begin typing your message mentally and when you are done, hit the mental enter key.
    Like Sgt. Floyd Pepper was fond of saying, “Ain’t nothing to it but to do it.”

  6. My partner went into a coma 2017,he was in hospital until last June, now he’s with his family who don’t want me to see him,so I don’t know whether he’s still in coma or not, just that he’s getting stronger every day.how can I connect to him ?


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