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How can i see someones Aura?

This is a serious question, how can i see someones aura?
I have a book called ”colour therapy”’ it explains how to see aura but i can’t still see aura.
Does someone know how to see?
If it works i give you as best answer.


  1. I have that same book, however I found a method that truly works…
    Use the Violet Flame energy…
    Simply visualize yourself inside an egg set on Gold, purple or pink Fire, See the Fire blaze into your forhead, fill the entire room, and then the entire universe…
    …This helps to activate the higher chakras…

  2. You can’t do that instantly……….it takes time. I have blue Aura
    It took me a lot of time……..first I needed the person near me to know her past and her intentions.
    Now I can just touch the computer screen and I get flashback of their pasts and how they feel.
    I found that big eye b!atch from YA that way.
    It takes Time.

  3. for the untrained, you look “about” the person. A lighter background is preferable, you try not to look at the person or the area behind them. You should notice a sort of outline that extends beyond the person. If you look at it you will lose it.

    • youu are wrong, i could only feel auras, now im training, and have started to see auras now, i have seen my own, my mothers and my sisters, last week all i could do was feel them, now that has gotten alot stronger

  4. I don’t know the method in the book “colour therapy” but there are several different ways to see auras. I see them using my hands instead of my eyes. I am a Therapeutic Touch Therapist and I was taught to ‘see’ auras in this way:
    1. Rub you hands together in a circular motion until your palms get warm. Then spread your hands slightly apart and go the opposite way, you Should feel like there is something between your hands – that is your own auric energy which you have activiated.
    2. Put your hands about 2 inches above the crown of the head of person you are ‘reading’ and close your eyes.
    3. After a minute or so you should start seeing one color a lot more than others, this may fade to only one color. This is the color of the aura of the person you are reading.
    Another method, which for me is much harder is to stand the person in the sun against a light background. Look just over the shoulder of the person and try to de-focus your eyes. You should see a white haze just above them. Keep concentrating and you Might be able to see a color just above the white haze. This takes lots of training and I have personally never mastered it. some people can do this quite easily, however. Best of luck.

  5. I usually just see the clear aura around a person. Sometimes I can see colors especially in children. I don’t really try though.
    There is an exercise where you have someone stand against a white wall and turn off all the lights and light a candle and put in next to you. Not out in front because it will distract. Then look at the person but don’t focus on them you should be able to see an outline especially around their heads. If you look directly at the Aura it will be lost to most people. There are some people who can see them all the time.

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