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How Can I See Auras?

I don’t want any skeptic stuff because I’ve seen a silver-white aura around my hands once… Does anyone know any GOOD ways to see auras? I don’t really like those websites with the two pictures merging to one stuff cos it seems useless and strains my eyes anyway… ANY HELP?


  1. If you don’t want to use retinal fatigue to see an aura I suppose you could try a migraine, a certain form of epilepsy, a visual system disorder or a brain disorder.
    As recommended by this site:
    Not sure the best ways to develop those maladies though, perhaps best to ask in the medical section.

  2. i believe praying to satan allows people to see auras, but i don’t recommend it as he will destroy you in the end.

  3. Yeah be a wearer of glasses and take them off and put your hand in front of your face then pull your hand back til it gets fuzzy then you can see the aura.
    Anyone advertising Satan can be reported, Remember I am a Christian. I don’t take kindly to people who worship evil!

  4. Retinal fatigue is the way to go. Stare at something long enough and you’ll start seeing edge illusions like that. Also if you’re tired. John Goat has the right answer.

  5. Watch Celestine Prophecy.
    There are ways, where you can defocus your eyes and with the intention you tune your senstitivity on living things.
    Stimulating the retinal nerves is one way, as someone anounced above. Migraines or aural migraines may help (scintillation).
    You have to be in a relaxed state of consciousness. Also THC from marijuana may help you to see auras.

  6. I see auras all the time. Its so strange that others dont see them. I taught my bf how to see them. You need to have a partner. Put them in front of a white or light colored wall. Look at there face and then slowly start looking up your eyes moving slowly to the top of their head you will notice a white glow around them…slowly let your eyes travel up and you should start see ing more colors could take practice. You have to focus on pretty much nothing but air if you look pass their head at the wall you wont see the aura

  7. I don’t know any good ways to see auras . I see them sporadicly,especially around ppl’s heads or hands. You can tell true auras from ‘retinal fatigue/ persistence of vision easily. The artifact produced in the eye will not follow the person when moving ,but will remain like a “ghost” when the subject moves. An aura will follow movements exactly and not lag behind a moving person.

  8. Auras absolutely exists. I’m not sure what it is about this subject that causes the ‘skeptics’ to get their metaphysical panties all in a bunch?!?
    Here are 2 good sites to read. The 1st time I saw mine, it was not intentional. I became very interested in it so studied up & practiced. Now I can see them whenever I want to read them:


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