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how can i see aura. when i do see them what do the colors mean?

i got yellow aura what does that mean . every time i check i see yellow


  1. Get “How too See Auras” by Ted Andrews. It’s a great book, funny too. He has has simple exercises in it to exercise the rods/cones you use to see auras and such.

  2. There are lots of books on this subject go to the web and look for auras there are books and tapes all kinds of things to help you study them.Mine is blue & purple.Unless I am in a great seal of pain then it turns solid red.In Sedona ariz there are places that have cameras that will take your aura picture and then explain it to you.They also sell books to teach you.

    1 – Independence, attainment – Red
    2 – Tact, diplomacy – Orange
    3 – Self expression, creativity – Yellow
    4 – System and order – Green
    5 – Variety, freedom – Blue
    6 – Responsibility, family – Indigo
    7 – Wisdom, spirituality – Violet
    8 – Money, materialism – Rose
    9 – Humanitarianism – Copper
    Auras are vibrations in the light frequencies that can be seen by some as colors. They may, or may not, be harmonics of visible light colors. Some Folks have it born into them, others must learn through a mentor.

  4. Apparently, people who can see auras don’t actually report seeing other people’s auras in the same colors. Like my mother can see auras, but when people ask her their color, if they ever had their auras viewed by another person priorly, they were usually told something else entirely.
    For example, one person told me I had a huge gold aura; but my mom sees it as very small and silver.
    It seems to just be a type of synesthesia that varies between each person. Thus, the “meanings” of the colors can’t really be determined with much certainty, since they aren’t consistently viewed.

  5. you can see auras by being perceptible of things around you. you can see them whenever your mind is open to seeing them. different colors mean different things, you just have to look up the information to find out what. peoples auras can change though. Yellow usually means creativity. That could mean that you will be creative soon or youve created something unique or anything pertaining to that really.


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