How can i report an online plant nursery for selling me me an incorrectly iddntified plant?

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I bought a plant from an online plant nursery. I thought I was buying a centella asiatica (gotu kola) plant but was instead sent a glechoma hederacea (ground ivy, gill over the ground) plant incorrectly identified as gotu kola by them. I reported them to the BBB who did absolutely nothing about it. What else can I do? The website continues to sell this invasive weed they say is gotu kola. The company is called Neem Tree Farms and they have a photo of their “gotu kola” which can clearly be identified as glechoma hederacea from just looking at the photo. It just angers me that this company has been well informed that they are selling a weed and continues to rip people off.
punk- i did put a negative review on daves garden.. if you look them up you can see how i’ve fought with the owner about her plant but she just can’t get it through her thick skull.

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go to merchantcircle and yelp, and yellowpages, and review the business.

Old Punk Dad

Like she said reviews, I would add the Garden Web forum and Dave’s Garden forum, The news will get around. Neem Tree farms is run by a batch of idiots and deserves to be run out of the business.


If you live in a state where Glechoma hederacea is on the noxious weed list, your state Ag commissioner may be able to offer some throat clearing in their direction.


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