How can I remove the barrier between my subconscious and conscious mind?

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I know that the subconscious mind has access to information from and control over the body that the conscious mind does not. When ever there is any trouble the subconscious mind knows. It also seems to be able to process information faster. I want that control.

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Lotta bad stuff in the subconscious… when it bleeds into your conscious youll wish you could take it back


Do LSD and paint.


You can’t necessarily ‘remove’ the barrier as there is no such ‘barrier’ per se. You can’t control your subconscious mind because that’s exactly what it is: subconscious. You can try to interpret your subconscious mind using techniques such as psychoanalysis; a psychologist or psychiatrist to perform these kinds of techniques.

Rik Stevens

“You can’t control your subconscious mind because that’s exactly what it is: subconscious.”
Whos subconscious(‘below the threshold of conscious awareness’) is it? Yours! And if its yours, then you control it -unless you LET IT control you. Theres no seperation between the conscious and unconscious, noly a difference in depth of what we’re looking at and not looking at. The deeper its buried in memory the less obvious, but its still there and still accessible is (1)We resolve with determination to get into it and, (2)Create a conscious ‘relationship’ with our mind whereby it accepts we are in charge.
How to? That’ll come later 😉
Have a great day,
Rik S

Illuminated light

The wall that you speak of is the “veil” that is said to be our forgetting of everything we know and of our true purpose and desires. It is put there the moment we come into this world in this very incarnation. I would say with some confidence that you will not be able to break down or cast aside the veil with help from anybody but yourself. Rik said a very important thing and I happen to have a slightly different version. “Control your mind or SOMEONE else will. If you look into general semantics you will find just how easy it is to shape our realities and more importantly how easy someone else can shape them for us. Even looking to incorporate psychiatric help, while valid in some cases, will NOT help you break down the barrier you have between your subconcious and concious. You and you alone built this barrier when you came unto this life and so the risks of allowing anything but yourself snd your inner knowledge to break it down are so tremendous. Good luck.


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