Home Discussion Forum How can i Recive syda Yoga Shaktipat?

How can i Recive syda Yoga Shaktipat?

I am living in iran , i could not find a Sidha Guru to revice shaktipat from him ,here in my country , i am very desire to recive it , and i know tehere is no any limitation for a guru , scriptures says : a guru is not limit to give shakti in a particular method such as only touching or looking , so , i hope somebody can help me about this , God Bless You all

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  1. U may prepare urself for any spiritual uplifting path. Shaktipath is one of it.
    First qualification for it is to prepare body and mind for it by following path of righteousness and service of humanity.
    It prepare the vessel to receive that Grace.
    Filth in vessel can never get that grace.
    Whenever the vessel is reasonably ready, Guru would appear wherever u r. That is the love and compassion of God.
    Searching for it for the sake of it is of no use.
    Love & Peace


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