Home Discussion Forum how can i receive cosmic energy?

how can i receive cosmic energy?

by passion 24:

hi, wat is cosmic energy?….how can i feel cosmic energy?….how can i receive cosmic energy?……i have a back pain….how can i heal it from cosmic energy? thank uuu!

Answer by Mustafa
visit Sedona, AZ… and spend time around the enegy vortex


  1. The cosmic healing energy is found in the NAME OF JESUS! ask HIM TO COME IN AND HEAL YOUR PAIN AND FILL YOU WITH HIS COSMIC ENERGY THE holy spirit, And you will receive from him and then give him praise, for eternal life, that’s what you get when the spirit enters you!Hallelujah!

  2. read bagavath geetha and read books on tantra ( the original is hindu scriptures ,but the latter ones are bhuddist) you can heal it or read books on yoga.

  3. The one who heals is NOT cosmic energy, the Way to healing His name is Jesus Christ, for there is no other way to the father but by Jesus, we live in A world where everyone dies, and you are now walking in your own grave, and Jesus IS the ONLY WAY out, your pain is A blessing, it causes you to seek God and you will find Him IF you seek Him with ALL your heart. Free bible lessons at http://www.itiswritten.com Visit A Seventh Day Adventist Church in your area, nothing else visit http://www.amazingfacts.org and click on media, then scorll down to the sermons you can listen to for free. God bless you.


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