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How can I read my tarot cards?? What are the steps to reading my own and others?

I have tarots but I don’t know how to read them. I don’t know what formations i’m supposed to put out or what the formations do. If I only ask one question do I have to take out several cards?? And why?? How do I make the readings more accurate?!?!
Wow I already got cynic comments and a religion converting one….nice.


  1. For a beginning tarot reader, try these steps:
    1. Ask your question, or have the other person ask their question.
    2. Think about the question while you shuffle the deck, and stop shuffling when you feel it is time to stop, go with your gut.
    3. Cut the deck if you asked the question, or have the other person cut the deck if they asked it.
    4. Now pull three cards and lay them out from left to right.
    The first card is going to represent anything from the past that is affecting the question. The second card is advice for the question as it is in the present. And the third card is the likely outcome of the question.
    Now there are many, MANY different spreads and ways to read the tarot, but for someone who is starting out this is a good and easy way to do it.

  2. There should be a little white booklet included with your deck (you didn’t mention which one you have). That will give you card meanings and at least the basic Celtic Cross layout, or the simple 3-card past/present/future mentioned above should work for now until you are more familiar with the cards.
    You should check out:
    If you find you are truly interested and want a more in a more in-depth course, there is a free one-year one offered at: http://www.magickaschool.com

  3. First thing to do is to take your cards and put them in a silk pouch. They can be found at New Age Bookstores among other places. Your cards should be placed under your pillow each night for 7 nights so they will pick up your vibration.
    Then get books or information on the internet. You will find card meanings and different types of spreads. When you choose a spread, stick with it so spirit will learn to work with you the way you do things.
    Remember that the cards are a vehicle for the psychic message you will receive. Each card has multiple meanings and it is the psychic message that will tell you which meaning applies to you or someone else.
    Personally I recommend finding a New Age bookstore and taking classes. It is hands on and you can practice with other students.
    The more you do this, the hetter you will get at it.


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