Home Discussion Forum How can I reach another state of consciousness other than getting drunk?

How can I reach another state of consciousness other than getting drunk?


  1. Put a large plastic bag over your head, secure it with a rubber band around your neck, and begin breathing deeply…

  2. DMT – dymethyltriptamine…
    it over excites your senses and you will trip the f-out to the point where people have used it for spiritual guidance.
    Go to Peru and seek a local shaman… ask for the holy drink “ayahuasca”

  3. Meditate. Lay down at night with no light what so ever, and no noise. Be 100% comfortable. Close your eyes and forget about everything. It’s difficult to do, but when you do it right everything melts away and feel like there’s nothing but peace. It’s the best feeling ever.

  4. Smoke weed. Take LSD occasionally. These things are far less harmful than alcohol and you actually learn about yourself and the universe when taking them.

  5. bomba$$ sex
    shrooms- my fav (good with sex too)
    Extasy- REally good
    Lsd- Very fun if its good has to be good, hard to find though
    Salvia- If its good quality salvia has made me believe i was a couch and thinking “man does life suck, im a fucking couch and i cant even talk to other couches”
    salvia has given me the biggest mind f&%k but only once, and some of my friends only laugh on salvia i feel sorry for them.
    if you are a virgin to each of these the very first time you do them boy will you be in a dif state of consciousness. not so much the more you do em
    weed just sucks imo, but it used to make me think back in the day.
    i do not endorse the use of drugs habitualy
    once in a while i feel is a bit healthy =P


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