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How can I protect myself from the negative energy of the negative people around me? They absorb my energy?

and make me feel tired and ill.


  1. Aluminium foil. Totally cover your whole body and the foil will reflect your energy back towards yourself. Be aware you have to double seem the joints or your energy will leak out.
    For partial protection aluminium coated kevlar can be used (thermal emergency blanket) but if you do this you will have to wear a protection beanie as well.

  2. Do you know anything about Wicca?
    It is a basic belief in nature and the use of crystals, legal herbs and natures gifts to heal and take care of us.
    A good book to explain these crystals, and how to use them is “Simply Crystals” by Cass & Janie Jackson. I got it new for $10
    There is a special crystal called Lepidolite it is the Guarding Angel crystal, but you should read the book first.

  3. Crystals? No total rubbish.
    Aluminium foil does actually repel some types of energy and is about a trillion times more convincing than hippy crystals if you want to shield yourself from, er, some types of energy.

  4. Technically you are completely misusing the term ‘energy’, which is a measurement if a system’s capacity to do work. ‘Negative energy’ in the context you are presenting does not exist. Don’t feel too deflated; lots of cranks and quacks use this term wrongly – you see it everywhere and it has become a meme really. But you cannot protect yourself from made up forces and neither can others absorb them. There is always going to be people who have a negative attitude, you need to learn to deal with them.
    Your problem sounds more psychosomatic to me, perhaps some depression; but I don’t think you can entirely blame others. I’d suggest you talk to your doctor.
    Best wishes.


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