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How can I protect myself from the negative energies of the other people?


  1. When I see evil coming, I cross the street. If I detect any negativity which could impact me…I steer clear of it.
    There is no magic or secret to this….you simply do not allow negative people into your life…you do not allow them to affect or infect your well being. It doesn’t matter if they are family, friends or co-workers. Need be, simply tell them that you do not want to be around their negativity. Stand up for yourself – stop allowing others to negatively affect you.

  2. Great question! Well, you can wander the earth like Kung Fu and become super-centered, while forming few lasting relationships, or you can just watch the show and adapt some of the lessons and practices to real life.
    The fact that you are even asking the question shows that you are on the right path (Young Grasshopper). Be patient. Change is a slow process.

  3. It’s called walk away, shut them off and distance yourself as much as you can. I am married to a man who is the king of negativity but when I am not feeling emotionally strong enough to overlook HIS problem I make it mine and I become a wreck inside. it’s a difficult problem if its someone in particular you are talking about but, if its people in general CHANGE your circle of friends and learn that you need to not feel inadequate or convicted. no one can MAKE you feel anything you allow them to do that to you. blow it off we all have to stand in the same line before God so….

  4. deep brething whenthey are unavoidable
    otherwise avoid them
    you only end up soaking in their negativity and that can be very stress full and tiring

  5. Make them give off positive energy. Instead of ingonring them, interact with them, make them smile. Make it your mission to have them give off a small amount of positive energy.
    By making others happy will only make yourself more happy. You will know you have achieved something good and made someone feel good. That is much better than ignoring someone, which makes them worse only for your selfish reasons.

  6. A couple of things. Avoid being around negative people as much as possible. Surround yourself with positive, like minded people.
    If your job depends on being in a surrounding of negativity and you can’t leave for some reason, try visualization. Imagine there is a protective glowing force from within you that is surrounding your entire body. Its impenatrable, and see the negative things bouncing off this shield and away from you. We used to have a clothing store, and some days it seemed like everyone was grumpy (rainy, cloudy, yucky days), or some customers were always grumpy. To stay positive, we would imagine throwing “positivity fireballs” at them when they opened the door, sort of sending out a visualized happiness to them. Also, when we had to be around them, we responded to them with positive answers. Started conversations with positive statements, or questions that they could only reasonably say “yes” to instead of no. Like, “Its a beautiful day out, isn’t it?” (on a beautiful day.) Or, if they start right off complaining about something, politely acknowledge them, then change the subject to something more positive.
    A great way to stay more positive is to turn off the news…every source of it. No radio news, no tv news, no “Dateline” or CNN. Have you ever noticed how negative and repetitive it is? Find one reliable source of information, like a local newspaper or just read the “Yahoo” headlines. Try not to get sucked into all the negativity of that, and replace it with more positive things, like book clubs, volunteering, church, gardening, etc. You will be happier.
    If you are religious, ask for help in prayer.

  7. protect ur energy by cross ur foots & join both of ur palm or something like that..
    the point is.. lock the energy…
    just don’t let both ur hand and both of ur foot separated…

  8. it isn’t hard to avoid negative people. negative personalities will not want to see you progress, will not offer you anything constructive, will not be conducive to your happiness. those people are emotionally and mentally draining. i’ve eliminated those people by eliminating contact with them, even in their presence. their comments are ignored because within me is the presence of mind that i can rise above their evil, crabs in a barrel mentality. you can do the same. protecting yourself from peoples negative energies is like choosing which battles to fight and which to ignore.
    after dealing with different types of personalities, i’ve learned how to decipher who of my aquaintances are truly friends and who are not. i’ve concluded that i have and keep very few friends whom i’ve allowed to be close to me and from who i will accept criticisms and compliments because i rest assured they have my interest at heart, as i have theirs.

  9. Saying a protection prayer, visiualize yourself in a protective bubble, avoid most the the people that you know are negative. Make a list of positive affirmations and repeat them to yourself daily.


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