How can i protect myself from negative energy?

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I am going to a extremely haunted place later on.. now i do believe in ghosts etc im just wondering how i can protect myself against anything bad im not experienced in this kind of thing any advice id really appreciate thank you.

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Ginny Jin

Carry a bible (if you believe that is), keep youself well covered and carry a mantra card with positive script on it.

Colonel Mustard

Get a bottle of holy water.

Manuel G

prayers before proceeding to that particular place , and be brave enough to suffer the consequences. think of all positive energy to have on you …

anthony h

Take the name of Jesus with you. Pray before entering and ask God to be with you and protect you. He will. Know that God will not allow anything evil to harm you and you have power over evil because Jesus gave us that authority over satan and the enemy.
DO NOT FEAR. remember satan preys on fear, God does not give us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. 2 Tim. 1:7


Fashion yourself a mobile positive energy cocoon, and place yourself in it.
The alternative is to avoid places you think you may be exposed to negative energy.


When I read your question, my first answer was to remove yourself from anyplace or people who emits that kind of energy.
Since you are going to put yourself in that situation, I guess you’re not planning to do that.


Salt rings. As in a ring of salt poured around an area have been used in superstitious occasions to “ward off spirits” but it’s really a load of shit.

Endora the Witch

Stay far from Yahoo Answers of you wish to avoid negativity.


Sometimes it’s a matter of being prepared and other times (like now, I would say) of avoiding it.


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