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How can I protect myself from negative energies?

Meditation has caused me to be more spiritually aware and I think I am becoming an empath. While I rejoice at this gift it means that although I can physically block every single skeptic that I get even a whiff of psychically I am being bombarded with negative emotions and thoughts. How can I best shield myself, can I do it with candles and crystals or do I need to build some sort of structure?
Only open minded people to reply please.


  1. Tell me, psi, have you even considered picking up a physics textbook?
    And before you reiterate “only open minded people to reply”: I AM an open minded person. But there is such thing as being SO open minded that your brain falls out.

  2. Constantly try to fill yourself with positive energies.
    Or try to imagine yourself in a “bubble” with your energy and try to create a shield from the negative. start at you hands and focus your energy there, then imagine it circling all around you. that is how i defend against such “attacks”

  3. You’ll be pleased to know there’s no such thing as negative energy.
    (I’m open minded, I keep an open mind when it comes to science and logic)

  4. I’m wondering the same thing. I progress more and more and it seems everyone around me is so negative. I don’t think you can protect yourself from any one type of people ( though we ALL wish we could). Esp. with the way the economy is now… no one is possitive anymore!
    Good luck and let me know if you find the solution!

  5. i cant help you with this , i hear voices in my head telling me to follow them , i keep trying to block them out but i fail to do so , they keep inspiring me to do bad things and my will is falling greatly im sorry

  6. You should look into Feng Shui. You can book an appointment for a specialist to come, they look at your space, then they ask you a bunch of questions so they can figure out what’s best for you, and then they tell you what to do with your home. There are all sorts of positioning of furniture, use of placement of mirrors, crystals…. it all affects the flow of energy. Each person is different, so what could work for one person could not for another. I haven’t tried it but want to, it’s supposed to work. I believe it could.

  7. you either have an obsession with positive energies or a phobia for negative energies. either way, it’s irrational. i suggest you stop caring so much as it’s time consuming and damaging to your psyche.

  8. There are things called angels.
    There are good angels which are known as angels. These angels work for God. The good angels work to help humans.
    There are bad angels which are known as demons, ghosts, … These bad angels are on the devil’s side. Bad angels work to steal, kill and destroy human lives.
    Now, God’s power is supreme and only God can protect you from the bad angels and the devil. God can save you.
    (To be saved speak in your head, or out loud where you are):
    Admit to Jesus that you have done wrong and that you want to change and do right.
    Believe Jesus is God and receive Jesus as your savior.
    Commit to and follow Jesus.
    Once you have become saved, you will have the power to cast demons to Hell in Jesus’ name. Simply state: “Demon(s) be cast into Hell in Jesus name!”
    Demons can also be cast out by playing Christian music and by prayer (talking to God) and fasting.
    So, after you get saved cast the demons out to Hell in Jesus name, play Christian music (89.7 fm available on radio or online), talk to God, read the bible (bible.com free bible reading online) and attend a good church that believes that Jesus is God and follows what the bible says.

  9. Energy is a measure of work capability, so I have no idea what you are referring to when you say you want to protect yourself from negative energies. This term is often misused, typically by new agers.
    A candle is wax with a wick through it. I can’t see how that would provide a shield from negative emotions and thoughts, except psychologically. Crystals are lovely rocks which when subject to mechanical stress produce peizoelectricity. We have a thorough understanding of them, again I can’t see how they could possibly provide a “shield” from emotions and thoughts.
    I guess it’s always possible that you can be a so-called empath, but at the end of the day, I think the want to block certain thoughts, emotions and people from your mind is a more psychological problem than spiritual awareness.
    So, I don’t think its possible to “protect” yourself from “negative energies” in the context you refer.
    See, I don’t necessarily believe what you believe, a very open minded position to take.

  10. Hi Psi,
    It’s really fantastic when we grow spiritually, too can be very annoying. Only you can protect you, that’s the bottom line. Control what you feel, how much, what and when.
    Sounds difficult at first, it will get easier with time and practice. Embrace the world and all its emotions, remain calm and focus on where the emotions are coming from. Many coming into empathic abilities are actually experiencing their own feelings, buried deep in memories or covered subconsciously, our minds way of protecting us. That said we can move on.
    Understand the emotions, realize they are not yours and lead your life as normal or hone in on them and offer a helping hand, though it maybe just sitting and listening to someone bouncing ideas off you or quietly sipping a cup of coffee, sometimes the best medicine is a caring ear. You won’t always be able to pin point where the emotions are coming from, then just shut the door, yes it is that easy.
    Remember only you can put thoughts in your mind, never allow anyone else to. Envision your door and shut it. Ask your god, if you have one for help and guidance. Take care

  11. One way here at Yahoo would be to block and report anyone that disagrees with you.That keeps the negative energies away.Allowing only the ego massaging open minded energies to get through.

  12. Energy is the ability to do work. It is not a physical thing, nor is it negative or positive. Which means that you’re just imaging all of this. The blocking, the empathic stuff, the negative thoughts, and especially the apparent closed-mindedness of people who point out it’s all a bunch of crap. Why don’t YOU open your mind a bit and take a basic physics course? Open your mind to reality. I think you’ll find there’s a lot of cool stuff here, and there’s no need to make up anything.

  13. Grounding and shielding makes a really big difference in how you feel. Also, taking salt baths helps to keep the aura clean and they also physically help you detox by removing toxins from your body through your pores.
    Here are some sites on shielding and grounding for you:
    As you progress spiritually, you will find it not as necessary to block or shield anyone. You start to see people where they are and have compassion and understanding for them…just feeling that way, with the wisdom you obtain on your spiritual journey, becomes a shield within itself. When you can look upon someone with kindness and compassion, even when they are coming at you with negativity, it practically melts right off of you.
    But until you get to that point, shielding, grounding and salt baths are the way to go. 😉

  14. I am an empath as well and the only true way to find a balance is to include God in your “Gift” You have to be a person of faith and rely on God to protect you from the negativity that comes along with the “down side” of this sixth sense you’ve tuned into. Being psychic doesn’t mean being a satanist or witch/warlock like many believe. Even the bible says that there are those of us who are blessed with the spirit of Prophecy and/or Discernment. If you don’t have the balance of this gift along with the protection of God you leave yourself wide open for a lot of evil into your life. God bless and good luck!

  15. I am having the same problem as you, we know the truth in our hearts, but all these people with their organized religions have a good way of makeing us feel like we are doing something wrong, just follow your heart. I wish I could follow my own advice.:)

  16. No structure is needed. The strength of a clean, empowered spirit is all you need. The best way to both purge yourself of negative energy and create a cosmic bubble of protection around you is to employ the protective healing power of salt and sage. Light the sage on fire and pour a line of salt across your primary doorway. Then smoke the sage and sniff the salt.


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