Home Discussion Forum How can I project myself to other place? (astral projection)?

How can I project myself to other place? (astral projection)?

I want to project myself to other place (an out-of-body experience). Please help me. I really want to see my brother whom I havent seen in 7 years. He is in the army, and was deployed to Iraq.


  1. That won’t work, instead direct yourself to more ‘earthly’ means of seeing him – search for and write groups that will arrange for you to see him online via a camera. Or, send him a camera that he can send back to you full of photos!

  2. Astral projection is possible or so i’ve heard, you wont get any answers from anyone in mens health though, try asking your question in a section about spiritual religions or something, they will be more helpful.
    The likeliness of this happening though is very low, it can’t be achieved by just anyone, you need a controlled state of mind and a high level of meditation skills.

  3. That is a tall order — Astral Projection is a teaching of some fairly advanced branches of the occult. You aren’t going to be able to find accurate information on the Web (probably) — I’m not even sure which authors to tell you to start with.
    If you want me to try to find out – my contact info is in my profile, get in touch with me, and I’ll do what I can.
    Kind thoughts,

  4. Astral projection doesn’t exist. Don’t be conned.
    If it did exist, don’t you think there’d be better things for governments to blow billions of dollars on than space programs and spy networks?
    Imagine how rich and powerful someone with that knowledge would be.
    The occult is a fad for alternative teenagers or a money making scam for gypsies and other “psychics”.
    If you really want to see your brother – and he really hasn’t been home in seven whole years – tell him to take some leave or get a webcam.
    Otherwise you’ll just be very disappointed.

  5. are you asking how to astral project or are you asking how to protect yourself from other things when you project. this will be hard to do cause when you astral project anything and everything can happen your higher self will take over and you won’t be guarranteed that you will see your brother so it is better to see him here in the physical world like write to him

  6. Astral Projection is B.S. Please don’t waste your time on such nonsense. Hopefully you’ll get to see your brother again soon in a more realistic way. Stay patient, and write him letters. That will mean so much more to him than you trying to “astral project”.


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