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How can i prevent my daughters pierced ears from healing while shes at school?

my daughter had her ears pierced about 7 weeks ago and now shes back at school i have to take them out every morning. As soon as home time comes i put them straight back in but theres always a thin layer of skin at the back that i have to pierce through and is quite painful for her to have to go through everyday. Is there any alternative that i can put in her ears while shes at school to keep the holes open?


  1. yeah what they said. you can buy them at walmart or whatever in the jewelry department. you may have to ask where they are bc sometimes you cant find them. I found them on the spinny case on the counter though.

  2. would they not let her wear a little pair of studs at school as that would help and it would ease the pain for her failing that use an ice cube to numb her earlobe then it wont be as painful for her

  3. I would recommend using some sort of retainer.
    I use flesh toned ones for my facial piercings and the school is either okay about it or hasn’t noticed, and since the piercing are actually on my face, they are more noticeable then ear piercings.
    It may be worth asking the school if you are not actually allowed to wear earrings. Normally you can leave them in but have to take them out for sports.
    I use –
    For earrings you would probably want the 1.2 mm (the size of the hole/piercing) and maybe a 8mm or 10mm (length eg ear lobe thickness) I use a 6mm or a 8mm one for my top lip, so you could use that as a measure.
    I hope this helps and I hope your or your daughter finds some way to make her ear piercings less pain full to re pierce everyday!

  4. You have a few options
    You can purchase clear beads and use a labret stud, or you can even get a labret retainer (which is basically a clear stud with a clear bead, they also come in skin tones)
    Or you can use fishline. I know of a few people who have used this its cheap, you can’t see it and does what you want

  5. you can get clear retainers, even though it is like an earring, she wont have to take them out because its not ‘visible’ so to speak. you can buy them online, or at most tattoo/body piercing studios

  6. Perhaps she’ll just have to wait till she’s older to wear earrings for pierced ears. It’s not healthy for you to keep re-piercing her ears everyday, she’ll end up with an infection. You don’t say how old she is… most schools allow girls to wear a small pair of studs. Is she very young? I have multiple piercings in both my ears, most of which I no longer wear, however even without messing with them every day they still occassionally becoming infected. I think perhaps your little girl might need to be a little girl for a bit longer before trying to play with young women’s jewellery.

  7. get clear earing studs then leave them on during skol and have her rotate them in her ears every hour.

  8. well they shouldn’t be doing that. mine didn’t i left them out for a year and they didn’t grow over. so why can’t you just leave the earings in?


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