How can I prepare for the new world order?

I am a young adult in college with no money and not many resources. How can I prepare for the new world order? (such as living off the land, conserving, investing, books to read, survivalist, etc.)

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Check out the Survival section of – it’s a conspiracy site, but has really good information on a bunch of topics including how to survive off the land, “bugging out”, how to prepare your family and more.

Anthony T

You can’t.


college isn’t going to teach you “how to live off the land.”
so why are you taking up the space of someone who would really like to use the college education.
living off the land does not provide you with anything to invest, so you can scratch that off your list.
living off the land and conservation are not related.
if you’re conserving, what are you conserving?
one would presume you’d want good water anyway, so it wouldn’t do you a lot of good to waste, or pollute it.
on the other hand, if you really are considering using that college education, maybe you want to think about what’s needed in cities to conserve and minimize resource usage.

Jennifer C

First survival skills, check the net.
Save non hybrid seeds
Learn about gardening practice.
Living of the land is hard.
You need others to interact with.
Stop eating meat.
Locate water sources.
Learn to be patient, very patient.
You will survive the Dreaded nwoonly if you are spiritualy strong


All you need to do is read and think. Spend 10-15 minutes a day just thinking about life.


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