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How can I practice yoga at home?

Is there a DVD that you recommend for beginners? I really want to benefit from yoga, get in shape and better my posture. Any tips?


  1. http://www.yogatic.com
    She’s the best, and her yoga videos are free. Besides that, just buy a yoga mat and you’re ready to begin! Maybe read a little bit on technique first if you’re still unsure. Check some books out of the library, or research yoga online.
    Good luck, and you’ve made a great choice to do yoga!!! ^_^

  2. The New Method Pilates: Precision Toning and Sculpting workout DVD by Jennifer Kries is quite good. It has 3 different sections: warm-up, light weight training & aerobics, and yoga & pilates. You get a taste of all these different workouts and won’t get bored.
    I’ve had it for years and enjoy the workouts. You can go through the entire workout, roughly 90 minutes, or break it up and pick and choose which segments to do.
    If you’re interested in yoga, give this DVD a try. Or other workouts by Jennifer Kries. There are a bunch and I think she is great at explaining the movements, unlike some other workout DVDs.
    Before choosing which one to try/buy, you can go to Amazon.com and read reviews on all these products and then decide.
    Good luck!

  3. I’ve been doing yoga since I was a little kid, and only last year did I take my first class. A video is a great way to go. That’s how my instructor got into yoga and she is amazing. Anything with Rodney Yee or Patricia Walden is great. Personally I like Yoga for Abs and Yoga for Strength. A.M. and P.M. Yoga is a great DVD to. I still use that one sometimes.
    You can find some decent instruction Youtube, but I advise you buy a video instead. It’s easy to hurt yourself in yoga without proper instruction, a DVD is well worth to investment.


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