How can I practice Astral Projection in a natural way?

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I’ve read a lot of methods and I feel I have gotten close but usually get to anxious because I am anticipating, I don’t like that. I feel I have gotten closest when I’m not even thinking about it. It seems that when I try I can’t because my heart rate rises. I want to know how to be calm during the process and have a natural exit. This might be a hard question to answer but just give me any advice that you think could help.

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Tom 1

Is it beating like crazy, or just slightly faster? If it’s very fast then that’s a good sign and you should stick with your current method, as it means your heart chakra is getting a good workout from the process. This speed-up ceases to be an issue after a few attempts, because you soon cease to be out of condition in this respect.
If it’s just a bit faster, switch to a lucid dreaming approach. Launching into a projection from sleeping is much easier because you’re leaving calm behind rather than trying to reach it.


There is only a few ways it happens, one through meditation, and sleep, or near death or being operated on, and in all of them, in order for it to happen you must have your heart rate slow down, that is the key, and for that to happen you must slow down your breathing. It truly is almost the same as death, your spirit is out of the body, this is how it works, the fast heart rate is what basically holds your soul within. All souls are entwine with the spirits.

I'm just me

meditate. Breath long and slow, and nice and deep and even, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Concentrate on your breathing and just let yourself go. Don’t try. Trying causes you to get stuck in your head. Just hold the thought in your mind before you do it, then focus on relaxing through meditation. You might also put out a thought to your spirit guides and guardian angels and ask them to help you. Mine help keep me relaxed and at peace, so that lifting out is really easy.
good luck


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