1. Once you know please let me know! I have always wanted to know about my past life. I know when we have dreams and there are people in that dream that are so familiar to us but not in this lifetime that they are people we knew before this life.

  2. The only one thing I can think of is something impossible. Go to Sylvia Browne. She’ll do it for you…
    for 600$ an hour. [:
    That’s life. Maybe you can check out a book about it at the library, I’ve always been interested in this too. I once went to a very cheap psychic who said I have lived in Egypt in a past life. [Actually weirdly I have always felt connected to Egypt, so I was surprised by that.]
    Maybe just a “cheap” pshycic could help you out if you were desperate to know or somethin

  3. Don’t try it. PLR is very dangerous. Ever hear of the power of suggestion?
    For example: People were shown a slide of a car parked on a street. A while later group A was asked if they saw A stop sign. Most said no. Group B was asked if they say THE stop sign. Most said yes. There was no stop sign. Amazing what 1 word can do to tamper with our memories.
    This is why psychiatrists got into trouble several years ago for “uncovering hidden memories.” They unitentionally implanted horrible memories (such as of child abuse and Satanic ritual abuse) in the minds of their patients, essentually harming them. (The ‘memories’ where later PROVEN to have been unable to occur. But many patients still insist that those memories were true.)
    You could end up mentally harming yourself or your friends, or “uncovering” things that don’t really exist. But they will FEEL like they exist. (Causing pain and suffering, or at least deception.)
    It’s not worth it.

  4. u watched oprah too?
    my mom was watching it.
    pretty sure you should get that done by a professional…


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