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How can I overcome self-consciousness?

I tend to feel really self-conscious around people I don’t know for some odd reason. Please help me what I should do to stop feeling like this! thx


  1. I get that way too sometimes, I think it is normal.
    Just try to comfortable (i.e. have your favorite outfit on when you know you will be around people)
    If you are worried about how you come across to people then just slow down and think before you speak. I have a tendency to open mouth and incert foot so I have to watch what I say.

  2. This worked for me. First of all you must have confident in yourself. Confident, not conceeded. See yourself in a more positive light. Once you build the confidence in yourself, then you won’t even think about being self conscious around others.

  3. I’m amazingly self conscious and have very little self confidence, but recently have become the head of the 6form committee at my 6form, which is something that means i have to be very confident!!
    the thing that has really worked for me is just to pretend to yourself that you are amazing, and have a great body, and soon you will start to really believe it and notice the good bits over the bad!
    it worked for me 😀

  4. You can overcome self-consciousness by taking the focus off of yourself. I’ve been this way before (not all the time, though). Usually, when I focus on something outside of myself, I forget about my self-conscious feelings or at least they take a backseat at the moment. Everybody feels self-conscious at one time or another in their life. Talk to some friends or family members. You’d be surprised that many probably have felt the same way you do. You’re not alone in feeling this way. Good luck on overcoming it!

  5. Practice self forgetfulness. Become interested in the other person. Ask questions. Cater to them..they will think you are the best. People are usually self centered. It is rare to find someone who can relate to others without bringing themselves into it.
    Try it…it works.

  6. This is normal, but believe it or not, you have nothing to worry about. Researchers did a study to find out how much people really notice and remember a person. They made the person wear an embarassing pink floyd t-shirt to a party and then interviewed party guests to see how many people could remember what he was wearing. They guessed it would be somewhere around half, in actuality, only 22 percent of teh guests could remember the person. people are probabably fretting over themselves rather than judging you. So relax…


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