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how can i open my chakra gates? how do i see my chakra?

is it hard to open my chakra? does it takes mastering to open the chakra?


  1. No, I do reiki healing and I have talked to many practitioners who say it is harder to do healings on the self rather than others. I tend to think that is sometimes true. You might want to find a professional chakra healer to take a crack at it.
    Don’t be discouraged if you can’t ‘see’ your chakras. Some people are more sensitive to literally feeling the energy with their hands, or just sensing it. Everyone percieves things differently. There are even techniques that you can use with a pendulum to check the flow of your chakras.
    A really great book to read about the chakra system is called ‘Eastern Body, Western Mind’ by Anodea Judith. It’s an excellent read, and a little long, but it’s VERY worth it. She discusses the chakra system along with Western Psychology.
    You could try doing guided meditations to open up your chakras. It’s actually quite simple and just requires visualization. Here is one such meditation that I found through google:
    However, feel free to research and find a meditation you like better.
    If you are interested in trying some reiki healings to get the energy flow in your body to be more free and unrestricted feel free to message me. I do distance healings! (free, of course)
    Blessings and Light

  2. Try going to a kinesologist for your chakra’s. I had kineseology done on me and she told me that my third eye is closed. She also said that the reason why it is closed is because i wasn’t ready for what may happen. There are heaps of people you can go to to find out what is best for you.

  3. Meditate…i will not say anymore…because i can see that you’re new to this…if you are serious about this I can give you a good advice. Learn from the pros. There are many psi and spirituality groups that teaches psi and stuff about spirituality…for example the wingmakers and psicentre…


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