How can I obtain magical powers?

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Any information would be helpful. I am interested in all magic powers including but not limited to, flying, levitation, transformation, becoming invisible, telekinesis, psychokinesis, telepathy, fire breathing, spells, potions, and alchemy.

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smoke weed lol


you’re funny. don’t you know that you just go and ask the witch down the street? for a small but heavy price she will give you anything you wish! i thought everyone knew that….

Winslow F

Any kinds of drugs will do. Weed is especially good. lol


If you visit your local Walmart, you can find what you need for some of the basic magical powers such as flying and levitation. Usually placed between the toys and electronics, the Magical Powers section is where they stash the items necessary for attaining magical powers.
I don’t recommend Walmart’s selection of potion brewing ingredients, as they are generally low quality, and may not satisfy your needs. There are smaller stores you can find for AAA quality in most larger cities; see listed stores below.
If you’re looking for something unusual such as Mind-Melding, Time-Travel or Super Speed, you’ll need to find a specialty store for these products. Here are a few of the stores I’ve come across that sell some of the more extreme magical powers: “Magic4You”, “The Magicians Keep”, “The Fire-Dust Emporium”, “Dragon Horn’s Flight Academy” and “What To Brew and How To Brew It”.
Contact me for any specific details or questions, I hope this was helpful.


go to sleep and dream about it


Okay, what you need to do, is, visit the muffin man and he will tell you–to go to wal-mart now got to the pharmacy aisle– and ask the pharmacist to tell you the answer to- the clock strikes at midnight–he will tell you to go to the crazy cat lady and give her a black cat, she will Say—-the dog howls at the moon! And boom you can fly! (because she just hit you with a bat, and you went flying!)


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