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how can i mix…….?

zen/meditation with martial arts??kenpo to be specific


  1. Meditate before you go to Kenpo class and after, it will calm you before you start training, and after because it will relax you after an intense class.

  2. If you can try taking some time before you practice one of your forms if you are practicing at home. In class take a few seconds to calm your mind and take some slow breaths before you execute your forms too. And though this is not zen-meditiation, I recommend any books by Koichi Tohei, an Aikido master, he writes about calming the mind and has methods for meditation and breathing.

  3. The same as you do with any other martial art. Empty the mind before excercising. When training or specially when fighting in competition you should try to do this. Any thougths occupying the mind will delay your reaction time. Empty the mind and let the techniques you taught flow naturally

  4. Mediation with motion, as you practise your kata, focus on your intent. As you move, be fully aware of your motion, eliminate all the unnecessary. As you move, your mind becomes more quiet, a contrast and contra that will mix very well.
    Mediation without motion, focus inward and contemplate on a zen question. Your mind races while you keep your body still. Zen is achieved in a spontaneous enlightenment of the mind.
    Suggestion is to find a good quiet place (park/temple) if you are serious into this. Practice at the break of dawn when the first ray hit the morning dew.


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