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How can I mix wiccan and christains tradiations into a wedding?

I am wiccan and my soon to be hubby is well nothing really….so the problem is that my family is christian and his family is catholic and Christan. we are getting married this may and i want to put some of my traditions into our wedding without it being recognized as wiccan but the only thing i can find is hand fasting.So if you have any advice for me that would be great!!


  1. Um , you dont? Christianity and Wiccan beliefs arent even supposed to be said in the same sentence, nor symblozed or shown through a wedding which is something Jesus Christ the one and only god there has even been made for us humans to have a life time partner .

    • Oh dear, we have here a Christian who hasn’t learned respect for ALL of GOD’s people whether or not they believe in Him.
      Even Jesus Christ sat with “sinners, tax collectors” and people from other religions who “good Jews” of the day looked down upon. He may have converted many of them, but He certainly didn’t do it forcibly or with such harsh and rude words as you use above.
      1 John 4: GOD is love.
      Love your neighbor, start with your language. 🙂
      Yes, I’m a Christian like you – studying to be a minister!

  2. Hand fasting is the traditional ceremony for wiccans, I feel your best choice would be to incorporate pieces of both ceremonies, perhaps having god/goddess candles for your candle ceremony, semi-traditional vows and a non-denominational prayer at the end that thanks the god, goddess and jesus christ for all they have given to bring you together

  3. Nearly all the elements of a wedding that Christians are familiar with are actually Pagan in origin. The only differences that set a Wiccan wedding apart are a handfasting (although many Christian weddings include this but they don’t dare call it that) and calling the quarters. The latter can easily be done before any guests arrive.
    You may want to check out the Tribe at http://www.offbeatbride.com since many of the ladies there are in mixed religion relationships and can help you figure out something that works for everyone.

  4. Merry Meet Chancity,
    This is one of the main issues that I try to clear up. The best choice in wedding styles to mix Wicca and Christianity is a Renaissance Wedding. By mixing medieval or renaissance components to a wedding, most people won’t see the concept of a Unity Candles, the binding of wrists, nor the cakes and wine ceremony as strange. Also if you want to be authentic, don’t do a hand-fasting. Like other traditions in the world, this too has been changed to aid those wanting an easy fix to a commitment ceremony like a Wedding.
    Historically a Celtic or pagan Hand-fasting was a commitment ceremony similar to a Christian’s engagement period. It was not originally recognized as a wedding but in today’s pagan community it is widely used as a wedding instead of a physical or community recognition of a betrothal of two people to each other.
    With all this said, I wish you the best of luck in your wedding plans. Also, if you are using someone with an online ordination, please be sure to check with your local authorities to see if that style of ordination is valid in your state. As an example, online or mail order Ordinations are not valid in NC. So any marriage performed by officiants with this style of ordination is not valid in NC and could cause long term legal issues like unemployment insurances, SS disability payments and even life insurance payments.
    I hope my little blurp has helped out.
    Blessed Be

  5. Incorporating a hand fasting into a traditional wedding is becoming more common and most attendants won’t see it as strange.
    Candles are common elements and by including a Unity Candle, but carefully choosing the colors of the candles, the number of candles (the Unity Candle is NOT a set-in-stone ritual so you can have a lot of leeway in how you actually set it up), and who and how the candles are lit.
    The wine cup likewise is an element common to both traditions – and again there is a lot of flexibility in how you describe the ritual and how you carry it out.
    In both traditions the bride and groom “marry themselves” through the exchange of vows. In a Wiccan ceremony there tends to more personalization of the vows, but having personal vows won’t seem strange to Christian attendees.
    A Wiccan ceremony is very much about equality between bride and groom. The traditional Christian ceremony can be quite sexist. However, in the 21st century eliminating gender stereotyping in a ceremony won’t seem odd to attendees so ensure that the bride isn’t ”
    given away” but that either both bride and groom are presented or just skip that part. No “you may kiss the bride” either.
    The casting of the circle can be done before the ceremony starts, and if you wish, instead of having rose petals scattered in the aisle they can be used to form the circle in which you stand to take your vows (attendees will just think this is pretty or may recall the circle of flowers often used in beach weddings).
    The calling of the quarters can be done beforehand, or you can include it in the wedding in such a way as it comes across as wishes for intangible gifts made for you by 4 different people.

  6. Greetings!
    Have a private Hand-Fast, just your friends, then have a Christian Wedding for the Families…………..you can pick your friends, but you can`t pick your Family!
    Show them that you care about their views, and everyone will be happy. The Medieval idea is good, try a Ren-Faire Wedding.

  7. hmmm…. looks like ur in quite a predicerment. maybe you could draw a nice little demonic pentagram under the tables and call forth demons from hell to eat the grooms family.
    seriously though if his family knew you were wiccan they wouldnt let you 2 get married. practicing witchcraft is a grave sin.

    • Not all Christians are as close minded as you are. My parents are catholic and I am a solitary eclectic witch. They don’t judge me, they find my path interesting and never have said I am damned to Hell

    • Wow. You really have no idea what a wiccan is. Maybe you shouldn’t talk about things you know nothing about.
      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak out and remove all doubt.” ~Abraham Lincoln

    • *I’M* a Christian and I’m not as close-minded as you are.
      Forget the whole “I’m a Christian so I’m better than everyone else blahrg”, the fact that you didn’t even do your research is appalling.
      So much for what GOD tells us about love for all people, whether or not they’re Christians. Even Jesus was kinder when he was criticizing non-Jews.

    • You are an idiot. Wicca is not about demons. It is about being in tune with yourself and the earth on which we live. It is about practicing a good life and harming no one. To us, there is no heaven or hell…there in reincarnation and the life you are living now, is a precursor to the extent of your coming reincarnation. Ignorant fools like you, make stories up like all of the other Christina radicals out there. I don’t dislike you, I feel badly for you and your closed mind.

  8. My friends did this. They 1st had a small traditional Christian (but not SUPER Christian, no communion, etc) in a church. Mostly for the parents, then everyone changed into medieval outfits and we had an outside wedding with a priestess who married them, jumped the broom, etc afterwards. Everyone had to stand in a circle around them, and anyone who wanted to renew their vows jumped the broom too.
    I’d say if you’re doing it in a church, some non christian things you could do is 1 – actually “tie the knot”with a scarf or rope, tying your hands together. 2 – Bless it with earth, water, wind, fire, north, east, south and west. 3 – Jump the broom.

  9. I am having the issue. So our plan is to get married on a beach in Oregon barefoot in the sand. before the ceremony begins our hands will be bind together with a red cord and the normal ceremony will begin after the exchange of rings we will then turn around where a broom i made will be laying on the ground we will jump over it then be pronounced husband and wife and kiss. then we take the cord off and keep it and proceed to the reception.


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