Home Discussion Forum How can I meditate to create real chakra?

How can I meditate to create real chakra?


  1. Click on link below on the Crystal Cavern Meditation
    A magical journey where you collect the Six Colours of the Chakra, and take them with you as you make your way through a forest and finally find the mystical Cavern… a lovely mediation as such there is no lead in time in this meditation… it just starts, so before you begin spend a minute or two relaxing your body, concentrate on taking long deep breaths and then begin.
    I hope it helps you give it a try and let me know
    Love & Blessings

  2. What do you mean? you can meditate and visualize all your chakras or maybe the one you want to focus on and visualized it with great light of any color and see how this light grows and covers all your body. You can see yourself sharing this light with the things around you.

  3. What do you mean by real chakra? All human beings have chakras all over the body. The main 5 chakras are along the spinal cord, the 6th on the forehead and the 7th on top of the head. People usually meditate to open and balance their chakras.

  4. CHAKRAS ..
    You can not meditate and create a chkara. There is no real and unreal chakras. There are 7 familiar chakras in our body and they can be initiated by the persons practice this.
    According to Theosophists, the sense organs of the etheric double that receive their name from their appearance, which resembles vortices. Altogether there are ten chakras (visible only to clairvoyants) but of these it is advisable to use only seven. They are situated not on the denser physical body, but opposite certain parts of it as follows: (1) the top of the head, (2) between the eyebrows, (3) the throat, (4) the heart, (5) the spleen (where vitality is drawn from the sun), (6) the solar plexus, and (7) the base of the spine. The remaining three chakras are situated in the lower part of the pelvis and normally are not used, but are brought into play only in black magic. It is by means of the chakras that the trained occultist can become acquainted with the astral world..


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