HomeDiscussion Forumhow can i measure my chakra?

how can i measure my chakra?

i was wondering if there is an easy way i can measure my own chakra. if anyone knows any methods i would love to know.


  1. go to the nearest swimming pool and try walking on the water by maintaining ur chakra in ur feet..the longer u can stay on the watter the higher ur chakra is..

  2. You just whip out your chakra and place it next to a ruler. Or if you have an Afrikan chakra, use a yard stick.
    I have heard that Harry Potter can measure your chakra for you, but he charges up the wazoo. (or up your wazoo)
    Maybe Radio Shack carries a chakra meter. If they do, I bet the batteries are not included.
    If you find your chakra is the biggest on Earth, you can become Chakra Kahn (1980’s reference there)
    Seriously, wtf is a chakra?

  3. try going into a light trance and picture, in your mind’s eye the different colors of each chakra point. the brighter the color the stronger the chakra. make sure you eat something solid afterwards to ground yourself.


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