Home Discussion Forum how can i make my room very pleasent in terms of interiors?

how can i make my room very pleasent in terms of interiors?

my room is very simple by looks,i jus want to know what are the stuffs that`ll make my room look great n it shud also create an aura of peace..i don want my room to look posh but very simple and nice ! basically i like anythin to be colorful n so my room..what can i add up to my room?


  1. Posters? I got Precious Moments stickers on my wall. It makes my simple room look outstanding. Many friends noticed and liked it!
    You can add flowers or if you’re a guy, you could put a small pot of green leafy plants. My friend has that.
    PS: I also have glow-in-the-dark. Moon, stars.. they’re beautiful at night.

  2. a couple of plants – understated wallpaper — a nice rug – some tasteful posters and keep the windows open to let in as much light as possible….and some glow in the dark stars for the ceiling

  3. U can use wall hangings,curtains of subtle colours to give ur room a soothing effect.U can also try changing the arrangement of ur room,like u could put ur bed by the window(if u have one).Allow a lot of sunshine and natural air enter ur room;Wash ur bedsheet & pillow covers once in 2 weeks;add some soft toys if u like em.There’s lot u can do.Try to keep it ur way.

  4. choose cool colours for ur walls………n get some interior plants ….fresh flowers …..will defenitely change ur mood
    and u can also use beautiful natural sceneries as wallpapers ….so that u will feel close to nature n peace…..

  5. Add a theme to it!
    Important parts of designing, remodeling, styling are; concept, color, proportion, balance, and function of design.
    Go for art deco… or Indian interiors, maybe Moroccan!??
    I know each style might be different! Aim for an overall look and feel for your room where you can belong to!
    Examine your room… its shape, space, colors, texture in it, and patterns!
    I would personally choose something warm and cozy!
    If you like Moroccan like me, mix between these colors.. Deep purple, coral red, orange, and Tiffany blue! I know this sounds bizarre! But its warm and edgy! WHICH I LOVE 🙂
    You can paint ONE wall only in Tiffany blue color-like. Make your bed sheets deep purple, and throw in colorful pillows and throws. Have a wooden chair that is comfy in dark cherry brown…
    Add in candles with sandalwood smell… Amazing!
    Have in natural live to make your room alive… Flowers are live! You may also wanna buy bamboo sticks..
    Basically! Mix n Match! That what I would do, you can have a modern look for your room with an edge! or go Art deco Moroccan!
    I hope this helped!?
    Good Luck 😉

  6. Pick a theme that suits you and run with it! I like vintage items
    but I can’t (or won’t) pay the prices so I compromise and use
    items from yard sales, flea markets etc. Don’t be afraid to mix
    florals and stripes. And now that autumn is here, I think the
    fall colors-rust, brown, yellows, deep reds are gorgeous. To me,
    the best part of decorating is accessorizing. Just have fun!

  7. Choose “comfort colors.” I prefer colors like toast, sage, slate blue, even chocolate (depending on the size of the room). One of the most pleasant rooms I have ever been in had one wall ragged with two slightly different tones of Chocolate and the others were a toffee color. This is my sister-in-laws home and she brought burgundies and rose colors into it with beautiful dried flower accents and even took a large flat stone (slate) painted with a checkerboard game on it’s top and made a coffee table from it. I believe something similar would be a cool wall hanging.
    She used a dark mahogany leather couch, plants, and waterfall wallhangings. Very eclectic and very comfortable with lots of colors that complimented eachother and did not interfere or clash. Since I’m not sure of your gender, this may be a little too girly because of the rose tones. To masculinize it…try using natural shades of green. Olive tones and ivory with the burgundy.


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