Home Discussion Forum How can i make my already strong aura stronger?

How can i make my already strong aura stronger?

What could i do to make my aura’s healing abilities stronger? what can i do with them?
thanks to all who answer 🙂


  1. i dont personally believe in auras rly but to me, if they were real, i would probably go to homeless shleter and help out the sick ppl there. and to make it stronger i kno of this store called eclipse that sell stones with supposed properties for all sorts of thing (ex: healing, balance, concentration, etc.)

  2. as you develop toward immortality your aura will gain strength as long as you do not abuse your physical body with poisons or your spirit with evil and darkness………
    once you get here you wont believe the powers surrounding your soul and where they can take you……….

  3. An Aura is your life force, your spirit. To strengthen your Aura, you must first strengthen yourself, not only physically,but mentally and spiritually as well. Meditation is a great way to relax and put the body into a state of healing.
    With A very strenghened Aura, you can do most anything. Don’t rely on “Magic crystals” to help you, you must rely on yourself. And believe me when I say, anything is possible, The earth will bend to your will, even the air will bow to you. Water and fire will fear your name. You must believe, nothing more is required.

  4. I personally am an exact opposite, I am all about fire, but my friend is a healer, and to strengthen it you have to practice and meditate and practice and put it to use.

  5. Just like exercising ur body…or studying to b smarter…you can increase strength of ur aura by calming ur mind and relaxing ur body, then constantly release ur energy as much as u can but don’t over do it. Tell me how it works for u an try to respond back to me plz.


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