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How can I make a witch wand for Halloween with regular crafting materials?

Like, with a twig and some decor, or what…?


  1. Buy a thin wooden dowel at any craft store (they’re pretty cheap, like a buck or two for a wand-sized one) then you can buy wooden beads that you can attach to one end of the dowel to create a handle… then if you want a certain color, spray paint it (this will make the coat more even more easily that craft glue applied with a brush)
    After that, you can always hot glue little beads or gems onto there…
    If you want to make a crooked wand, use all of those steps/materials except for the wooden dowel. For a crooked wand, find a nice stick and carefully sand off the bark with sand paper so it’s easier to work with…

  2. Pick up a stick. Take the sturdy center part of it; cut off the skinny flexible tip, and cut off the end. Make it about 13 inches long or so.
    Strip off the bark.
    Paint it if you like… then paint symbols on it.

  3. Take a twig, and perhaps tie ribbons around it in a criss-cross pattern, attatch beads or charms, glue gems or whatever else you like

  4. The more gnarly the stick the better the wand will look. I’ve used them to make wands. I’ve also found and used drift wood to make a wand.
    If you can get a crystal point, that would be great for the spell end. Otherwise find a pretty rock and after you glue it on, get string or a ribbon to wrap around it to hide where the stone is attached. This will also help it hold better. Goop craft glue is good. (super glue will not stick to crystals) If you used a pretty rock then after it is good and attached, spray the rock with clear acrylic. This will give it a permanent shine.
    For an example here is a wand my mother made from a piece of driftwood
    I suggest that you put ribbon, string or leather around the part of the wand you will be holding. This is there to protect your hand from magical discharge.
    I hope that I am helpful.
    Take Care, DreamSweet and Let Your Heart Shine
    ~ milton


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