How can I make a witch costume more fun, cute, and original? 10 points to best answer!?

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PhotoVision / Pixabay

Well I want to be original but I love being a witch with the hat and the dress and everything. So what are some ways I can make it less traditional and more original? Lots of details, please. please leave hair/make-up tips with your answer. The best idea gets 10 points. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


  1. ok so i think this would be a very good idea and its just for you :p
    If you have a witch dress but its plain.. go to the dollar store and buy different colored ribbon and fabric/hot glue them on your dress to make them fancy [maybe some lace 2]
    and if you have your witch hat, broom stick, and other stuff decorate them with ribons, lace, beads and other supplies..
    colors like pink, yellow, black, white will make your dress look fabulous and cute..
    ok for hair .. if you have long hair then do pigtails and braid the end of each [i tried that on my friend and it looked super cute!] if you’re 2 lazy 2 braid it then wrap your pigtails in ribbon crossed like X’s then make a bow at the bottom after making the X
    if you have short then its better to just leave or fix it on your own//
    For make-up dont do anything thick and stuff just add some blush [very pink blush] glossy lip gloss and maybe with your choice colored kipstick just draw a spider hanging down your cheek [try it in dark pink!] well i hope you find this helpful!


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