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How can I make a taoism talisman?


  1. draw out the little squiggly lines on a rock and then chip it out .. lick it before u go to bed every night and lay it on your forehead .. im kidding .. i have no idea ..

  2. ?……………Why bother I would just kneel and bow down to a Buddha statue or try a nice symbolic Egyptian cat or something. Save your money as the guy in the ING commercial says………..

  3. First you have to become a high level Daoist and giving up your wish of making the talisman. Once you know how to harness the energy from heaven, then you can make as many talismans as wish.
    Daoist teaching can be found in Dao Te Ching and Daoist Canon. In order to comprehend the ancient scriptures, you’ll need to be an excellent Chinese scholar in Chinese literature. Or you’ll need to find a high level Daoist master, who is difficult to come by.
    There is an alternative, you learn about the Taoist belief from the online lecture:


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