Home Discussion Forum how can I make a feng shui zen rock garden for cheap?

how can I make a feng shui zen rock garden for cheap?

how can I make a feng shui zen rock garden for cheap?
Its the one with the white sand, rake,and rocks. I really want one for my desk at work because I heard it is a great relaxer and helps for a stress free enviroment. I just do not want to pay the 30.00 for something like this. have any idea’s on how too make it for cheap?


  1. Take a trip to Lowes, Home Depot, or place that specializes in various rocks and other quarry products. Generally speaking, you can buy a bag of play sand for about $6.00, and a bag of pebbles for $6.00. Make the rake out of Popsicle sticks. As for the container, the sky’s the limit! It can be Tupperware! If you really think about it, for $30.00, you can probably buy enough raw material to build a zen garden for all of your colleagues.

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