Home Discussion Forum how can I make a crystal ball for a halloween party?

how can I make a crystal ball for a halloween party?


  1. do you know anyone with one of those yard ornaments called gazing balls? Maybe you could borrow it, seems like it would be perfect.

  2. There is a crystal ball Halloween decoration out this year. It has a talking head inside.You could probably find it at Party City or any of those Halloween stores. Almost all decorations are on sale now. Good Luck.

  3. A friend of mine did this a long time ago……
    Buy a round bowl. You should be able to find something suitable in the crafts section at Walmart. Then, you’ll need to find some acrylic water (I think that’s what it is called). Lots of people use it in vases to make it look like fake flowers are sitting in real water. Make it according to the directions. If you want anything sparkly in it, mix in some glitter. Pour it in the bowl all the way to the top. It will need to set for a couple of days. Then, turn it over and put in on a stand if you want to, and voila, it’s ready.


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