How can i make a Buddha statue?

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Its for my art project. i was thinking paper mache but maybe thats not strong enough. any help?
i want to carve it out of wood but i dont have time.
Is there a website i can go on to see how to make one?
oooh soap carving. Interesting..and smells nice? (^-^)
OK, now i don’t know what to choose. A friend of mine is doing Noahs ark out of a pastry sort of thing. hm. I like the idea of Soap though. Its different.

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alec c

Maybe papermache but cover it with real gold?


I was going to say paper mache too, how about a soap carving?


make one out of those styrofoam balls, since hes a fat little guy. It will be cute and show that you have creativity

Dinin Z

Perhaps you can find a guy with a good pot belly and always happy and body paint him gold?
Of course you can always use clay or some other similiar medium that you can put in a kiln. Then you can paint it as you wish and kiln it again.
Or you can go really abstract and make one out of sticks and mud and earn points for the Picassoian sculpting.

jared g

good choice of subject matter! how about clay? it’s easy to work with. perhaps something without complexity, but, still identifiable? 😉 have fun!!

bravoman boy

You don;t have to choice


you are the only one that can answer the question, no one else, cant you think?


I have the same problem and i need to make it 12 inches high so soap would not work


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