Home Discussion Forum How can I make a Birthstone Bridal Bouquet for step children?

How can I make a Birthstone Bridal Bouquet for step children?

My wedding is in Aug., my dress has purple swarovski crystals in it, the bridesmaids are dressed in a muted gold. I was going to use gold/cream, purple and green for my bouquet colors when I realized that’s 3 of the 5 step kids birthstone colors. I want to incorporate all 5 colors in my bridal bouquet. What flowers could I use to make this work without looking really weird? The colors are Ruby, Emerald, Aquamarine, Citrine and Amethyst. Can it work and still look good?
Looking for creative ideas like incorporating ribbons, crystals, fillers, berries, etc to get all the colors represented. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a flower for each color.
I appreciate the help!


  1. what a nice idea, how about getting a beaded garland, or making one, with each of the colors and intertwining it throughout your bouquet, or, you could have a white rose dyed to each color, or you could use ribbons of each color to adorn your flowers..
    good luck and best wishes….

  2. why not their Birth flowers?!?
    Feburary: Iris
    March: Jonquill
    May: Lilly of the Valley
    July: Larkspur
    November: It’s a mum, and it’s not very appropriate… maybe you could get ribbon in a golden color or some of those funky glass bead jewels they make to stick out from it, to extend the bouquet…
    keep in mind this will be very “wildflower” The right florist can make these flowers look wonderful together!
    The good thing is, Larkspur is purple, so is the Iris… Jonquill is golden and Lilly of the valley is white, so you won’t ahve too many colors!
    Congrats and good luck!

  3. What a fabulous idea!! Here is an idea … for aqua and amethyst you can use hydrangea; for emerald you can use wax leaves; tie everything together with a cream ribbon and use ruby pins to secure the ribbon.

  4. Very cute… you could even do something as simple as glue a crystal and write each child’s name on a nice piece of ribbon.
    Then use the ribbon to tie your bouquet…. very little work but still personally and meaningful 🙂

  5. O that is SO cool! I had four colours for our wedding, and used trailing ribbons from my bouquet of all the colours, as well as having them as flowers in the bouquet.
    Best thing is look at books at the florists – it’s amazing the things they can use that we wouldn’t even have thought of.
    And, could you somehow post a pic of your wedding gown? I got married when there were no colour accents on gowns, and purple is my fave colour! I would have loved to have colour on my gown.


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