Home Discussion Forum How can I Levitate without using psychic powers!?!?!?!?

How can I Levitate without using psychic powers!?!?!?!?

I’ve really been hoping for an extremely looong time to know how to levitate without using psychic powers or any cheap and stupid secret way. I want to do this with my mind powers and learn to fly… IT WOULD BE… AWESOME!!!!!
This is where I’d like the professionals help me out.
But really… any answer (that’s NOT short or retarted) would be highly appreciated!
— Kawaii as Always —


  1. You need to put yourself into an EXTREMELY powerful magnetic field.
    Here is a levitating strawberry!
    P.S. And here’s a grasshopper!

  2. Actually, ghosts have been known to lift you up if they want to disturb you. It has happened to both me and my father. So, if you want to levitate, go to a haunted house and ask the ghost to pick you up.

  3. Our brains don’t have limits so don’t pay mind to anybody who says we use this much, or that much because we don’t. The problem is, there is only so much we can learn and we are only alive for so long so we cannot open all things that bind our mind. So do not try. For what you suceed in some you will fail in others, so go the assured way and do what you can with what you have instead of trying to build on something else. And uhm… psychic powers would be dope… We can transmite frequencies, but we cannot control the frequencies perfectly at the moment. What they do in science facilities that study this is get people to think of different things and think with different feelings about them too. So we are really close to controlling these frequencies, but to find real use for them is another story. I guess you could always piss off the locals by screwing with their stereo or t.v signal… that would be kick ass…

  4. Our brain is so powerful that it can make you fly. We only use 10% of our brain. If we could manage to use at least 50% of it…the posibilities would be endless and yes…you could levitate yourself

  5. You could always become a Satanist and use demonic powers to help you do things you could never normally do on your own. I.E. speak latin, turn your head in a 360 degree turn without dying, claw at your skin, bite yourself, and apparently, levitate.
    though that’s not really recommended. because…. yeah.

  6. I can’t see how thinking about something can make it physically happen. What fields or forces would your mind manipulate that would make such a thing possible? I wouldn’t imagine electromagetic, since we are exposed to those all the time and only get cancer. One can’t manipulate, destroy, or create matter with thought alone.
    I think what you really need to do is figure out how to use the Bernouli Principle. That way, you could create some kind of machine that could fly for you. Wouldn’t that be something!


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