How can I learn yoga without going to a class?

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I live in a very small town that is really in the middle of nowhere. The nearest decent-sized town is about 200 miles away…I want to start doing yoga but I don’t know how to start. I want to make sure I have the right technique; I don’t want to be doing it wrong and hurt myself. Are there books I can get on basic yoga or something?

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There is a great workout dvd called “yoga for Dummies” it has a person who explains everything and it’s really a great workout. Good luck!


Try online!


youtube videos and search around online. im sure you will find plenty


Indeed you can. This site has tons of information about online yoga resources, and tips for beginners:

Dances with Buddha

You might like the variety of free 60 min classes at


Yes, you can learn yoga by yourself… and get the results that you want. Here’s a good free yoga e-course for the poses, how to do them, their physiological benefits and the breathing techniques:


There is also a great site where I’ve bought a few things for doing Yoga at


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