How can I learn Yoga when there is not a good available teacher?






There are some books but I can not do all of them because it is dangerous without teacher. I am a beginner.


  1. ONLINE!
    seriously you can take yoga classes online
    youtube 🙂
    and dance classes
    hiphop classes
    whatever you like
    with todays internet advances you can do yoga without a classroom

  2. No it is not dangerous at all. That IS a false belief. You will just need to be consistent with your learning, and go on gradually with your practice. There are many people doing well in their own privacy. This free yoga e-course will give you a good perspective, and exercises:

  3. it has every imaginable pose in it. They put in new poses from time to time. It gives the break down of getting into and out of the poses.
    You can also go to they have dvds and such there that you can do at home. I know it sticks to not having someone near by to learn from but maybe someday soon you will find someone who teaches it.
    If you have more questions feel free to email me at I am a yoga instructor. I have been practicing for over six years now. What I suggested above is more less how I got started.

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